Welcome to the New Home of Bash N Dude!

Hello to all of our loyal fans who have been waiting for Bash N Dude to start up again! (Who am I kidding we have no loyal fans… I even forgot about this blog until about three hours ago.)  To our defense, we are just coming out of the back end of a 4 month bender after celebrating the Kings’ Stanley Cup Championship, so our summer was filled with parades, public appearances, and hanging out with Paulina Gretzky to worry about updating this thing.

But we’re back and better than ever because we are now on a real website with a real domain name (Bashndude.com if you are too lazy to look at the top of your screen.)

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a way to bring all of our old content over to this new page, so in order to refresh yourself on the literary masterpiece that was the OG Bash N Dude, you will need to visit the OG Bash N Dude site.  Luckily for everyone that site is not going anywhere, because one, I think the two of us are the only people who have ever signed up for a “Weebly” account, and two,  I don’t think anyone really knows it exists, which doesn’t give anyone any reason to take it down.

So stay tuned in the next coming months as we try to get this new website off the ground and hopefully Bash N Dude 2.0 will be worth my 18 dollars a year I dished out for the fancy domain name.  If not, then that wouldn’t be the first time I wasted 20 bucks for no reason.

GKG- The Dude


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